This blog is meant to be my sanctuary, and I’m glad you’ve decided to check it out. I’m an aspiring freelance writer, and I want to find my niche somewhere within the realm of non-fiction writing, preferably specializing in historical content.

My historical interests lie within topics such as the rise of civilization, the Neolithic Revolution, the origin of the human life, women’s history, archaeology, and how cultural and historical aspects from the past impact the present. All these topics, and more, are fair-game for The Chronicles of Mankind.

Now, it’s true that I’m what you might call a “rogue scholar.” If you looked at my resume, you might wonder what makes me qualified to write about history at all. It is my hope that my years of curiosity and knack for reading have fueled my passion for all things history well enough that someone out there in the wide world of the web might think that I’m worth listening to. I’ve got to have some sort of an outlet for these types of thoughts, anyway!

Again, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to look through my blog. I’m looking forward to jumping into my first few posts and getting feedback from people.




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