The name’s Nicole, and I’m an amateur wordsmith looking to make my way in the vast world of writing. Armed only with a thesaurus, my intuition, and years of collected knowledge from my passion for historical mysteries, I now must bravely step out and find my place in the world. If it weren’t for the stories of inspiration from the people who came before me and did exactly that, which actually piece together history itself, I doubt I’d have the courage to reach for my dreams.

My historical interests lie within topics such as the rise of civilization, the Neolithic Revolution, the origin of the human life, women’s history, archaeology, and how cultural and historical aspects from the past impact the present. All these topics, and more, are fair-game for The Chronicles of Mankind.

I’m open to the idea of collaboration, critique, and comments. I’d like for my visitors to feel comfortable and respected while interacting with my site, with hope that genuinely interesting conversations will arise as a result. These conversations act as a catalyst for my creative processes, and I’m looking forward to talking with you soon!